5 x Favorite Recipes for Easter Brunch


Upcoming Sunday it’s Easter. It’s the occasion to enjoy a big festive brunch with friends and family. I love to spend the day in the kitchen and prepare all kinds of delicious food, from sweet cakes to savory quiches and my grandmothers traditional oeuf mimosa. Days like this always bring back childhood memories full of traditions that we should keep alive by passing them through generations. I collected for you my favorite recipes that can’t be missed on your festive Easter brunch!

Happy Easter weekend!

1. Oeuf Mimosa

Eggs can’t be missed on Easter Brunch because eggs are the symbol of new new life and have been associated with festivals celebrating spring. There’s chocolate eggs for a sweet tooth and stuffed eggs to satisfy our savory appetite. This recipe for mimosa eggs is passed from generation to generation. As a little girl I used to watch mamie (French for grandmother) in the kitchen every Easter. She peeled the eggs perfectly, filled them with her homemade mayonnaise, ansjovis and topped it with a rain of egg yolk. It is absolutely beautiful and delicious! Eat it as the French do with a piece of baguette because these two just taste great together!

Oeuf Mimosa
This appetizer is called ‘mimosa’ because it’s looks like the yellow flowers that are called mimosa. It’s a must add to every Easter brunch!
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2. Mayonnaise Maison

Part of tradition for Easter is to prepare French homemade mayonnaise to stuff the eggs with. Of course you can use mayonnaise from the supermarket but that won’t result in the same experience. It’s not difficult to make your own mayonnaise, all you basically need is oil, lemon, mustard and egg yolk. Oh and of course you need to know my grandmother’s trick. I dare you, you’ll be happy!

Mayonnaise Maison
This French homemade mayonnaise is my grandmothers sacred recipe. It’s has a rich creamy flavor you’ll never forget!
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3. Easter Grapefruit & Ricotta Cake

This year I got inspired to try something new for our Easter brunch. Usually there is always a lemon poppyseed cake on the table, but this time I swapped the lemon for grapefruit. It became a big success and is already one of our most popular recipes!

This is the ultimate cake for Easter made with bittersweet grapefruit and creamy ricotta!
Easter Grapefruit & Ricotta Cake
This is the ultimate cake for Easter made with bittersweet grapefruit and creamy ricotta!
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4. Spring Asparagus Quiche with Goat Cheese

Quiche is always a good idea for any brunch. It’s easy to prepare, people love it really fills your belly and satisfies your savory appetite. This quiche is made with spring vegetable number 1: asparagus. Asparagus taste amazing with eggs and goat cheese!

This easy spring quiche is made of a delicious homemade crust filled with tender and crisp asparagus, goat cheese and chives.
Spring Asparagus Quiche with Goat Cheese
This spring quiche is made of a homemade crunchy crust, creamy eggs and crispy asparagus topped with goat cheese. It's too delicious for leftovers!
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5. Pumpkin Carrot Cake

Although I am not sure if carrot cake really is the favorite dessert of the Easter bunny, it certainly is a popular cake on the Easter brunch. This carrot cake is extra flavorful because the batter contains a mix of pumpkin and carrots.

Pumpkin Carrot Cake
When you combine pumpkin pie with carrot cake you’ll get the best of both which makes this the best pumpkin carrot cake you ever ate.
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