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Story behind the food

I am half Dutch, half French and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. After a period of traveling this city became my home base where my love for food and cooking started to become a big part of my life. Food is life, a primary need to survive and stay in good health. Traveling taught me to feel blessed for living a life where there is always lots of food on the table. Food cooked by my grandmother and mother who were both brought up with valuable knowledge of cooking. Besides life, food is love, wisdom, culture, health, and joy. Joy is what I feel when I cook with friends and family when the table is filled with home-cooked food made with love when cheering to life with a glass of wine enjoying this moment together.

Where the love for food started

The love for food and knowledge of cooking passes from generation to generation. For me, it all started in a small village right below Paris called Courcouronnes. It was home to my beloved French grandparents, pépé et mamie. The simplest ‘soup de petites etoiles’ mamie used to make me and my siblings when we arrived after a long drive from Holland, brings back warm childhood memories. No broth tastes like my grandmother’s as no homemade mayonnaise and crème caramel does. Back in the days’ recipes were handwritten and kept in a sacred book. Still, I ask my mom to send me pictures of recipes mamie wrote in her cooking book. The book is almost falling apart so it’s about time to digitize some sacred captured recipes. Please find some of the greatest traditional French recipes on the page Recettes de Mamie.

My food journey continued in Lisbon where I met my love Omri. His mom Yaffa, made me eat the best homemade couscous ever. He made me addicted to his shakshuka for lunch and is a king in baking the softest and tasteful challah bread. If you share the same love for bread and crazy cakes, please have a look at Omri’s Corner. He is my favorite cook and owned his spot on Licking Plates.

 I am half Dutch, half French and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. After a period of traveling this city became my home base where cooking started

What you will find here

Licking Plates is a place for people that love food, enjoy cooking, and need inspiration for tasteful recipes that are licking plates worthy. On this blog, you will find a balanced mix of traditional world cuisine recipes, feel-good food, easy weekly 30 min recipes, plenty of recipes for a sweet tooth, and articles related to food.
I always prefer to cook with whole food and fresh organic ingredients hand-picked from the market or the garden. Eat well, feel well is what I believe and this starts with knowing how to prepare yourself easy and tasty meals that benefit your health and well-being. Whether you’re looking for a recipe for a birthday cake for your loved ones, a healthy salad, a vegetarian burger, or a proper meal to impress family and friends, I am pretty sure you’ll find it here.

There is no sincere love than the love of food

George Bernard Shaw

Thank you for reading

Please make yourself comfortable, grab yourself a drink and look around for some food inspiration. I hope you’ll find something that motivates you to cook, eat well, feel well and lick the plate clean! If you have any questions or would like to work with us, please get in touch through info@lickingplates.com or send us a message on social media.



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