Classic Dutch Pancakes (Pannenkoeken)

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If you’re not Dutch you might wonder what the classic Dutch pancakes are like. They’re not like American pancakes, neither like the thin French crêpes, they’re actually right in between. In Holland it’s called pannenkoeken and often eaten for diner. It’s an all-time favorite for kids, but we adults also appreciate pannenkoeken for lunch or breakfast. Who doesn’t?

The classic recipe for Dutch pancakes is one of the easiest recipes there is. We make a bunch and stack them like a tower. Usually they’re eaten rolled up with something sweet like powdered sugar or stroop (Dutch maple syrup). You put your favorite spread on the pancake and you just roll it up and eat it like that. Either with your hands or with knife and fork. It’s also common to prepare them with bacon and cheese and add maple syrup on top.

Here we love to eat them in the weekends for breakfast with fruit on top and maple syrup!

How to bake pancakes properly?

We’ll share with you a few simple extra steps that will make the baking process super easy and less messy. As we’re making a bunch of pancakes stacked up, they will need to stay warm. Put a pot with boiling water on the stove and place a plate on top. Here you keep your stack of pancakes warm while you’re finishing the pancake batter. Another great tip is to wrap the butter in kitchen paper and use this to grease the pan each time you’ll make a new pancake. It will soak up the melted butter once it’s been exposed to the heath and serves perfect as a greaser without making it too greasy.

Classic and simple recipe for Dutch pancakes (pannekoeken)

Classic Dutch Pancakes (Pannekoeken)

Servings 12 pancakes
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 45 mins
Total Time 50 mins


  • Philips HR7629 Food Processor


  • 250 grams flour
  • 500 ml milk any kind you prefer, it can be plant-based, we used semi-skimmed milk.
  • 2 eggs
  • pinch of salt
  • 100 grams butter


  • Add all the ingredients to a mixing kitchen aid and mix it all up until smooth and all the flour has been combined with the eggs and milk.
  • Boil about 2 liters of water and add it to a pot. On top of the pot place a plate and a piece of aluminium foil twice the size of the plate. Fold it once and put it on the plate. In between the foil the pancakes will be stacked up and kept warm. Cover with a lid.
  • Cut about 100 grams of butter and wrap it in kitchen paper. Put it in a bowl and set aside the stove. This you will use to grease the pan each time you prepare a new pancake.
  • Heat up a skillet with a non-stick surface to prevent the pancakes from sticking to the pan. Heat it well before you start baking. The hotter the pan, the better the pancakes.
  • Add the butter packed in paper to the pan and give it a few wipes all around. Pour the pancake batter into the pan. While pouring the batter, tilt the pan and move it around so you'll cover the entire bottom of the pan with the batter. This way you'll make a thin pancake.
  • Once the top starts to dry and the sides ar getting curled up a bit, it's time to flip the pancake. If you're a pro you can flip it by just shaking the pan a bit and give it a whip. You could also use a knife to loosen up the sides and flip it with a baking spatula. Bake until golden on both sides and add in between the aluminium paper on the plate where it will be kept warm. Do this repeatedly until you finished all the pancake batter.
  • Serve the pancakes warm with any topping you like, put the topping on top of the pancake, roll it up and eat it! Eet smakelijk!
    Classic and simple recipe for Dutch pancakes (pannenkoeken)
Course: Breakfast, Brunch
Cuisine: Dutch
Keyword: Dutch pancakes, pancakes

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