Oeuf Mimosa

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This appetizer is called 'mimosa' because it's looks like the yellow flowers that are called mimosa. It's a must add to every Easter brunch!

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Oeuf Mimosa (mimosa eggs) is a classic starter in French cuisine and you’ll find it on the menu of any bistro.

Like every French dish, oeuf mimosa is eaten with a piece of fresh baguette. This simple but oh so classic entrée. A mimosa egg is nothing more than a hard-boiled egg filled with mayonnaise and sprinkled with a cooked yolk crushed into small grains which make the eggs look like a mimosa flower.

How to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs?

Oeuf mimosa is all about how the eggs are cooked and presented. First of all it’s important to boil the eggs long enough to have hard eggs. Second, you will have to pay attention then peeling the eggs. We don’t want cracked eggs, this can be prevented by adding a bit of salt to the water when boiling. After boiling place the boiled eggs under running cold water for a minute and then leave the eggs in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. This will prevent the eggshell from sticking to the eggs and will make the peeling process a lot smoother. Once all the eggs are peeled leave them to completely cool down.

How to make perfect oeuf mimosa?

When the eggs are cooled down you cut them lengthwise carefully without any ruptures. Now scoop the egg yolk out of every egg and place in a bowl. Fill every egg half with anchovies (unless you prefer without) and mayonnaise. Now, this is an important dealmaker. Traditionally oeuf mimosa is made with homemade mayonnaise and we have the simplest classic recipe for you. Of course, you can use store-bought mayonnaise but it won’t taste the same. Place the with mayonnaise stuffed eggs on your most beautiful plate and finish with the last step. Transfer the egg yolks into a sieve and sprinkle the egg yolks above the stuffed eggs. There is your beautiful happy plate with oeuf mimosa!

French Easter tradition

With its bright yellow color, this appetizer does well on a buffet during Easter or for a picnic in spring. All I remember is that as a child wasn’t that excited about the chocolate easter eggs the Easter bunny had hidden for me in the garden. I cared more about my grandmother’s oeuf mimosa that awaited us in the kitchen. But if you are fond of eggs and mayonnaise-like me, you definitely don’t have to wait until Easter. Oeuf mimosa can be eaten whenever you want, like the French. Oeuf mimosa is super easy to make and always a delight to eat!

Oeuf Mimosa

This appetizer is called 'mimosa' because it's looks like the yellow flowers that are called mimosa. It's a must add to every Easter brunch!
Servings 2 people
Prep Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 30 mins


  • 4 eggs
  • 8 ansjovis not a must if you don't like ansjovis.
  • mayonaise preferably mayonaise maison


  • Boil the eggs until hard, it's all about the shapes of the eggs that make the presentation. After boiling keep them in cold water, this will help prevent the egg to stick to the eggshell. Peel the eggs carefully and let the eggs cool down completely.
  • Cut the eggs lengthwise in half and remove yolks. Keep them separate.
  • Fill each egg with a piece of ansjovis and on top with mayonnaise. Transfer the egg yolks into a sieve (you can also use a fork, but a sieve is way easier) and sprinkle the eggs.
  • Serve with fresh baguette or any other fresh bread. Bon appétit!
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: French
Keyword: easter, eggs, spring

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