The Medicinal Power of Coriander


One of the most important part of cooking is choosing the right herbs. Fresh herbs offer a natural way to boost the flavor of any dish. But that’s not all, herbs also increase the nutriënt level of your dish. When it comes to you health, it’s worth it to dive deep into the medicinal powers of herbs. Coriander is a phenomenal herb packed with vitamins and minerals and has more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables.

The difference between coriander and cilantro

There are two names used for the same herb which can cause a bit of confusion.  Cilantro and coriander both come from the Coriandrum sativum plant. In the United States cilantro is the name for the leaves and stem, while coriander is used for the dry seeds. Globally the most common name for the leaves and stems is coriander and the dried seeds are called coriander seeds.

Medicinal powers

For thousands of years herbal doctors have recommend to use coriander to help prevent bloating, gas and ease stomach pains. It can aid to maintain a healthy digestion. Coriander is packed with vitamin A,K and C and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. The vitamin K and calcium are beneficial for strong bones, teeth and hair.

Like most herbs coriander is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and is rich in antioxidants. The anti-bacterial compound in coriander called dodecenal, can kill salmonella bacteria and prevent salmonella poisoning.

Coriander can support the spleen, adrenals, thyroid, pancreas, bladder, and lungs. It can be beneficial with reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and raising good cholesterol (HDL). Coriander may also protect your heart by lowering blood pressure.

Coriander boosts skin health

Study shows that C. sativum extracts help to protect the skin against ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation damage. Because coriander contains lots of antioxidants, vitamin C and skin-friendly minerals it can help if you have skin problems. Coriander can be seen as a detoxifying product and anti-inflammatory and is anti-bacterial. These are mostly products dermatologist prescribe patients that suffer from acne. If you soak a cotton in coriander seed water it can help you get rid of rashes, sunburns and decrease inflammations. It can cool the skin. To make a face mask you could add coriander leafs with half a cup of oatmeal, half a cup of milk and half a cup of grated cucumber. Blend it till smooth and add to your face. Let it sit for maximum half an hour. Always test it with a small part on your body before you apply it on the face to prevent allergic reactions.

How to benefit from the medicinal powers of coriander?

If you want to use coriander for its medicinal powers, juice it with other vegetables like celery and spinach and with apples. It’s a good way to consume lots of coriander. In Asian cuisine the use of Coriander in spicy dishes is because of the cooling effects that can help prevent heartburn. The flavor of coriander goes well with avocado (guacamole), salads, eggs, beef, chicken, pork, potatoes and eggplant. Coriander can really lift up the flavors to any dish, like for example shakshuka, curries, and lentil soup. You can use it as a garnish for hummus, baba ganoush and it’s the main ingredient of the Argentinian salsa chimichurri. Help yourself with the Quick Guide How to Cook with Fresh Herbs and find out how to elevate your dish with the help of fresh herbs.

Keep learning, knowledge is power

When developing recipes I am always looking for ways to use the healing powers of herbs, fruits and vegetables. I love to care for the people I love with the food I cook. One of my favorite books is ‘Medicinal Medium, Life-Changing Foods’, from the author Anthony Williams. He knows everything about the healing and medicinal powers of food. Get yourself knowledge about all the magical ingredients that not only boost flavors to your dish but als boost your health and the ones you love.

Recipe ideas with coriander

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